Find out quickly, which of the candidates will not just meet the required qualifications but will be a good match, too.

Profiling will let you detect items neither shown by CV or certificates and references, like: what is the candidate’s motivation? What is the source of her/his energies? Will she/he fit your company? What may frustrate your applicant? What are her/his potentials? What kind of activities will correspond to your candidates according to their profile?

We provide:

  • Comprehensive information on the characteristics and preferences of candidates, based on a scientifically founded, validated, and specialized Online Self-Assessment (Harrison Assessments).
  • It will take the candidates no more than 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • For a result, which may instantly be drawn up, you may choose from various written reports like: an interview outline, balancing with the requirements profile, information concerning guidance and commitment of the (future?) staff member, and many more options.
  • More than 6000 requirement profiles checked by experts are available, all of which may be adjusted to special company requirements.
  • Recruitment campaigns may be entirely conducted online, assessing candidates according to their personal suitability and professional qualification as well – this will save you up to 80% of administrative expenses.
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