Personnel Development

Does your most outstanding staff member display good leadership ability as well?

Identify the strengths and personal preferences of your staff members prior to deciding on staff matters. Thereby your selection or qualification endeavors will be more precisely targeted, thus preventing that occupationally best achieving staff members will unexpectedly fail when taking up leadership responsibility.

I offer:

  • Comprehensive information on characteristics and preferences of staff members, by employing Harrison Assessment Tools (30 minutes for completion).
  • We draw comparison between individual job requirements and staff members’ profile in order to permit targeted personnel development and internal staffing.
  • A preferable setting for the conduction of individualized and efficient appraisal interviews: in-depth information with respect to motivation and demands of the employee make an ideal starting point for frank and purposive discussions with staff members.
  • Determination of individual needs for qualification and establishment of personal development plans.
  • Extensive counseling and support including elaboration of specific measures.