Team Analysis

Why will some teams cooperate successfully, enjoying their work, too?

In close cooperation as a team, the overall success depends upon interpersonal relationships as well as on the capabilities of each team member. Analyze your teams with regard to special strengths and weak points and find out, which member of the team might pose potential conflict and which ones are mutually complementary.

I offer:

  • A detailed analysis of the team based on an online assessment (Harrison Assessments)
  • Graphical illustration of the behavioral tendencies of the team members regarding 12 different topics such as: Communication, Innovation, Decision Making, Motivation, Organization, Strategy, etc.
  • Anonymous evaluations for unbiased analysis 
  • A fast and cost-effective option to (anonymously) evaluate the work-satisfaction of the team or entire departments with regard to various topics.
  • A special training on collaboration based on the concept of Radical Collaboration® in order to create a common understanding for the future collaboration